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Stone Floor Tiles

Natural stone has advantages in its distinctive texture and color. By exposing it in one corner of the room, natural stones can appear to be more valuable ornaments, both in the garden and in the interior of the house. The family room and dining room are the areas that best apply natural stone. Because the two spaces are areas that are often the center of family activities. For example, in the dining room, the use of natural stone can be applied as a floor and decorate the wall.

Actually there are no restrictions regarding the use of natural stones. In addition to family room and dining room, you can also apply this type of stone in the bathroom. You also don't need to worry about the care. Simply diligently brush every week, then this natural stone will look more shiny.

The type of natural stone used to decorate depends on the theme and concept of the house. Usually in certain parts, the use of natural stones can be combined. If you want to use this beautiful stone for walls or floors, you can combine palimanan stones and temple stones.

One trick is that the look of natural stone still looks shiny and is not easy to mold, preferably after the stone has been coated. Meanwhile, if you prefer to use natural stone as a floor coating, natural stone does not need coating. This is to prevent the floor from becoming slippery because the natural stone surface has pores that can absorb water.

Because the pores of the natural stone are large, then if you want to use it as a pool material, coating is very necessary to help close the pores. At present there are many types of natural stone sold in the market, including yellow natural stone, plain or burnt andesite stone, temple stone, palimanan.

Natural stone does have a very high selling price. This is because the process of cutting the stone is not easy. Andesite stone is an example of natural stone that has good quality. The advantage of this stone is its strength and resistance to moss so that it can be applied to both inside and outside the home. The temple stone also has a texture similar to andesite. However, the color is brighter and has many pores.

The rough pores that are owned by the temple stone reduce the quality of the temple stone, so that the temple stone is less strong and very easy to absorb water. The temple stone is very precisely applied to the front of the house like a terrace.

In addition to andesite stones and temples, you can also make white bone sandstone choices. The sandstone is very suitable for decorating the walls of the garden. Currently the natural stone that is becoming a trend is the white pacitiroso stone, andesite, bali green, sirih stacking. This type of stone is more often used for terraces, gardens and fences.

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