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Matahari Antar Benua

Clay Concrete Brick

1. LIGHTWEIGHTThe palace is made of clay which is burned and inside has a cavity. Approximately 130-150 kg / m2 compared to 288 kg / m2. This light weight causes the structural loads supported by columns to be saved. In addition, the advantage of light weight will reduce the earthquake force received by the building structure. This means that if it collapses, the floor will not collapse in the form of large and heavy plates but in the form of small plates.2. STRONGAlthough the palace has a weight that is much lighter when compared to the conventional one, but for the matter of the palace's strength, there is no need to doubt, a palace that can withstand loads up to 750Kg / m, its strength is relatively the same as a conventional floor plate.3. ECONOMICSDams of concrete are formed from sand, broken stones and cement are then given steel reinforcement. When using a palace, the use of concrete can be saved up to 60%. This is because concrete casting is only carried out on the layer above the palace (1-3cm thick) and the gap between one palace and another palace. The steel reinforcement used is also less because it uses a unidirectional reinforcement system. It can independently function as a fixed scaffold, installed without the need for demolition. So it is clear in terms of scaffolding that there are savings.4. FAST PROCESSWhen using concrete, the plate / floor must be formworked to hold the mold. While with the palace you don't need to use large quantities of molds and formwork. Formwork is only placed at the end of the beam support. Because of this advantage, you can make a plate / not concrete without having to dismantle the entire roof of the house first.5. EFFECTIVENot much requires Scafolding / wood stagger (concrete plate mold support).6. EFFICIENTMore efficient because it can be done simultaneously with other work on the lower floor or at the top. Not only that, if your house is built from scratch by using minimal formwork, finishing work on the lower floor can be completed immediately without having to wait for the completion of the plate / concrete construction on it.7. HOT AND SOUND INSULATORSThe cavity inside the palace brick also provides additional benefits, which can reduce heat and sound because it functions as an insulator.8. ARTISTICS / VALUE OF ARTAs we often see in artistic espos brick buildings, this also applies to the palace brick.

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