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When we are going to build houses, multi-storey buildings and various other types of buildings, of course concrete structures are very common to be used in their design.


When discussed thoroughly, the discussion about the concrete of this building will be very long, but here is a brief explanation of the concrete in the building.


Concrete in buildings is a material that forms building structures like bones in our bodies. Concrete in buildings is made of a mixture of cement, sand, gravel or split and water with a certain composition to create a good concrete building.


In addition, materials such as concrete admixture are often added to the mixture to produce concrete with special conditions or for special purposes. For example, an admixture of concrete, for example a retarder, is admixture to delay the concrete setting time.


Then where are these concrete used in buildings? To make the concrete of the building has a good resistance to pressure, the manufacture of concrete will be equipped with reinforcement.


In order to be strong against heavy pressure and pull, this reinforcement iron plays an important role in this. This reinforced concrete structure is used in almost all parts of the building such as foundations, tie beam or sloof, columns, beams and floor plates.


Many infrastructure development projects also use reinforced concrete structures. Infrastructures such as concrete roads, bridges, dams and others are some examples of the use of reinforced concrete structures in construction projects.

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