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Steel Truss

The basic material of mild steel is Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel is steel consisting of elements with a maximum percentage other than steel as follows: 1.70% Carbon, 1.65% Manganese, 0.60% Silicon, 0.60% Copper. Carbon is a chemical element with an atomic number of 6, an oxidation rate of 4.2 and Manganese is a chemical element with an atomic number of 25, an oxidation rate of 7.6423. Carbon and Manganese are basic ingredients to increase the strength of pure steel. The addition of Carbon percentage will increase Yield Stress but will reduce ductility. The lightweight steel roof frame produced in Indonesia uses steel base material with a G-550 Mpa strength, equivalent to 5500 Megapascal according to the AISI standard (American Iron and Steell Institute). The coating (coating / protector) mild steel from rust that circulates is zinc / galvanized, zincalume, and zincalume with the addition of magnesium. This coating layer protects mild steel base material from rust. Mild steel was created to facilitate assembly and construction. Although thin, mild steel has a high degree of tensile strength which is around 550 MPa, while ordinary steel is around 300 MPa. This tensile and stress strength to compensate for the thin shape. The thickness of mild steel currently circulating ranges from 0.4mm - 1mm (Theodolite).

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